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Arrived at the museum: Parviz Tanavoli - HEECH
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Parviz Tanavoli is one of Iran’s most outstanding artists alive, whose work spans over six decades now. Venturing the popular aesthetics in his native country, he bridged European style modernism, U.S. Pop art, and many more inspirations into a uniquely modern as well as recognisably Iranian art form. By some regarded as his most outstanding series Heech iconises an elegantly curved Nastaliq script in three dimensions. Since 1964 the Farsi word that translates as “nothingness” forms one of Tanavoli’s central occupations and he processed it in painting to sculpture, as an almost hidden inclusion into other works or as grand scale stand-alone script statues. In 2026, after the reopening of the Museum for Islamic Art in world renown Pergamon Museum, a Heech by Parviz Tanavoli will get a prime spot: Visitors will pass through the Babylonian procession street with the Ishtar Gate, marvel the market gate of Miletus and the famous Pergamon Altar. All of a sudden a red fibreglass Heech, juxtaposed with late antique and early Islamic artefacts, will emphasise continuity and rifts, past and present, thereby introducing the galleries for Islamic art. Parviz Tanavoli, born 1937 in Tehran, is one of Iran’s most prolific living artists and could be seen as a universalist as sculptor, teacher, esteemed scholar, collector, and author. After studying in Italy 1956–1959, he came back to Iran to pursue his career as an artist. In 1961–1963 he lived and studied in Minneapolis in the U.S. following an invitation by Abby Weed Grey, an influential collector of contemporary Iranian art. He decided to move back to Tehran, again, and became one of the most driving artistic forces at the time. Currently, the "HEECH" is on loan to the museum with the aim of purchasing the object.

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