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Special restoration in the museum: Fragile beauty - 14th century mosque lamp

Our appeal for donations is for this impressive mosque lamp. The object comes from Syria or Egypt from around 1300 and came to the Museum of Islamic Art through the mediation of Wilhelm von Bode. Mosque lamps are hung in mosques on long chains attached to the glass eyelets of the belly. An oil vessel is placed inside them to provide the light. The piece is free-blown and elaborately painted with blue, yellow, red and white enamel and decorated with gold overlays. The decoration is very varied and shows a multi-layered structure of spiral tendrils, medallions, bands of flowers and foliage. On the belly and neck are large inscriptions dedicated to the Mamluk sultan Malik an-Nasir Muhammad, who reigned intermittently from 1293-1341. It is likely that the mosque lamp was a commissioned work for a sacred building in Cairo donated by him but not further known. The lamp, which is to be presented in a central position in the Cairo room of the museum's new permanent exhibition from 2026, is currently in a severely endangered condition. The wall is broken and shattered several times in the area of the belly. The adhesives and additions made during an older restoration are yellowed and brittle. The aged adhesive is tearing off parts of the sensitive enamel decoration from the surface, and the bondings are partially unstable. As part of the restoration, the adhesive must be carefully removed from the glued joints and from the surfaces, and the mosque lamp must then be glued again with an ageing-resistant material.

Approximately 6,000 € are needed for the restoration of this object.

Object dimensions: 26 cm high; 21 cm diameter; approx. 0.4 cm wall thickness; 1560 g weight

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